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Read all the necessary information regarding How to Become a Vegro delivery boy like Vegro delivery boy salary, Vegro part-time job and salary, incentive plans, shift timings etc…

Check if you are eligible to become a Vegro Delivery Boy (Delivery Partner):

  • If you have a bike/scooty
  • One Identity Card
  • Between 5-10 Hours in a day
  • Basic English reading

If you meet the above requirements then you can easily become a Delivery Partner with Vegro.

If you are in Kendrapara, then click below to apply.

If you join Vegro as the Delivery Executive then you are not a Vegro employee but Vegro’s Partner. It means that you are your own boss and you can work according to your flexibility. 

Flexibility of work and time

  • Full Time Job
  • Part-Time Job
  • Temporary Job

It also provides the preference for location of work and the freedom to choose the shift as well. There is a choice to choose between Day and Night shift as well.

Minimum income guarantee. Earn as much as you can

Vegro has one of the best payouts in its field when it comes to Delivery Partners (DP) because of 3 major reasons:

  • Weekly Payout: Their salary is given on a weekly basis.
  • Effort Based Payout: It means ‘earn as much as you can.

Minimum per day income guaranteed.

No qualification asked

The best part about this job is that anyone can join it. There is no qualification required to become a Delivery Partner with Vegro. All you need is to be able to read Basic English.

Immediate Joining

The joining process of Vegro for DE is very simple and takes only 5-6 hours. One can simply visit the Vegro Recruitment Centre with required documents, join it and start working from the next day. There is no interview process. They just verify the required documents and explain the job responsibilities, salary structure and give app training. 

If someone is looking for an immediate job then Vegro is the best answer.

Growth & Promotion opportunities

Vegro provides different growth opportunities to partners. If someone works with them for over a year then they are given two growth options: 

  • Field Recruiter: They organize offline recruitment drive for DE.

DE Coach: They clear doubts/questions of the DE during the recruitment process in the center. 

Vegro is a just started online delivery platform at Kendrapara City which was founded with Vegro Marketing LLP incorporated under Section 12(1) of LLP Act-2008, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in 2018. With an increase in online delivery and e-commerce companies in India, a new job opportunity for the delivery executives has grown tremendously.

Vegro has the only aim to create immediate employment opportunities to everyone who desire to earn.

The covid-19 pandemic has forced people to stay at home and maintain Social Distance. In such a condition Vegro will support people to get purchase their basic needs and get it at their home without getting out and standing in queue.

This means that there is a huge demand for DE’s job and a great opportunity for people to get employment and good earning.

Vegro gives everybody the choice to join in different ways



Type of DE

Number of Days

Number of Hours



Full-Time Delivery Executive

6 Days a week

10 Hours ( 9 hours shift) 

1 Hour 


Part-Time Delivery Executive

6 Days a week

5 hours shift 

30 Minutes


Temporary Delivery Executive

3 Days a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

5 Hours for 3 days (Friday, Saturday&Sunday)

30 Minutes

Here are job timings for full time and part time Vegro delivery executives


Type of DE


Shift Timings


Vegro Full-Time Job Timings


8 AM – 6PM


12PM – 10PM


Vegro Part Time Job Timings


7PM – 12AM


12PM – 5PM


5PM – 10PM

Vegro Delivery boy salary is different for which each segment. Here is a table of Vegro salary structure for delivery boy according to full time, part time and temporary job.


Type of Partners

Monthly (Minimum)

Monthly (Maximum)


Vegro Full-Time Salary Structure

Rs. 12,000-20,000

Rs. 30,000-50,000


Vegro Part-Time Salary Structure

Rs. 7,200-12,000

Rs. 15,000-25,000


Vegro Temporary Partner Salary Structure

Rs. 6,000-8,000


  • It pays for per order to DE which ranges from Rs. 15 to Rs.20 per order.
  • It pays on the distance and time. It means longer the distance more the payout. 
  • It pays minimum wage to both Full-time and Part-time DE per day. Even if the DEs do not get orders, they will be paid a minimum amount per day provided that they are logged in into the App and are present in their designated area. 

Minimum Salary Per Day if there are no orders


Type of Role

Minimum Salary Per Day


Vegro Full-Time Job Salary



Vegro Part-Time Job Salary

Rs. 100

Vegro provides lot of incentives to its Delivery Executives.

  • Incentives are given on completing minimum order targets.
  • Accidental insurance (Under Consideration)
  • Medical insurance for family (Under Consideration)
  1. A Bike with RC ( From any state and under anyone’s registration)
  2. A valid Driving License 
  3. PAN Card
  4. One Identity Proof (AADHAR/Voter ID)
  5. Bank Statement and Passbook. If you do not have a bank account then Vegro will help you open an account.
  6. Recent Passport size Photograph

Easy Apply: One Click Apply

Step 1: Go to www.vegro.in and provide 4 details only: Your name, mobile number, city and Type of vehicle (Bike/Bicycle)

Step 2: You will get a call from Vegro regarding the joining process. They will tell the location of the nearest Vegro recruitment center and about the required documents. 

Step 3: Visit the center and submit your documents. Check your documents (Hard Copy) thoroughly to avoid any problem with the verification.

Step 4: Attend the training session by DE coach.

Step 5: Pay security deposit of Rs. 500 and collect your Vegro bag and T-shirt

Step 6: Work as Vegro Delivery Executive Partner from next day

Vegro Joining Process (On boarding Process)

The Vegro Delivery Boy (Delivery Partner) is a very simple process. It is done through its various recruitment center across the country. After reaching the recruitment center, 

  • Firstly, the candidates have to submit the required documents for verification. 
  • After the submission of documents, a form is given to the candidate and some details are asked to fill like Job location Preference, Address etc… 
  • The next step of the process is the training which is a 45 minutes Vegro app training session to train the DE about using the app. 
  • After this, they have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 500 at the center itself. This deposit for getting the delivery pack which includes a Vegro T-shirt and a delivery bag.

Lastly, communication skills are checked. In this, the basic English reading and Hindi speaking is checked. It is a very simple process. After this, a person becomes a Vegro Delivery Partner.

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